Jacob - 7.5" Fontanini Nativity Boy Fishing 52842

Jacob - 7.5" Fontanini Nativity Boy Fishing  52842
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Jacob - 7.5" Fontanini Nativity Boy Fishing  52842
Jacob, The Village Boy Fishing for your 7.5" scale Fontanini Nativity village. $42.50. 52842

Fontanini Nativity figures are made in Italy and are richly detailed and hand-painted in an old-world palette for authenticity and enduring beauty. The figures are handcrafted from a specially formatted polymer that is resistant to chipping and breaking.

Click on photo for a larger view. Fontanini The Fontanini Nativity story of Jacob: The only son of innkeeper Thaddeus and his wife Elisabeth, was charged with chores about the inn. When the census degree came down from Rome, it was clear that the Inn would be very full. Jacob wanted to do even more to help the many guests.

Wandering to his favorite spot near a dried-up spring, Jacob was astonished to find the old spring overflowing with water, and filled with fish. He prepared his make-shift fishing pole, and caught many large fish - all to feed the hungry guests. The family agreed - God provides.

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