2" Mount Illimani Scene from Bolivia

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From the Aymara people, an indigenous nation in South America, this Andean nativity scene of Jesus represents the landscape of the mountain range of Mount Illimani. This nativity features indigenous figures Maria and Joseph in traditional clothing of this area and a smiling baby Jesus wrapped in the traditional Andean manta. The Holy Family is accompanied by a llama and a sheep, animals common in the Andes. Measures approx. 2 inches high.

Traditional red pottery inspired by the ancient Bolivian Tiwanaku culture. Each piece is made with great detail glazed or painted entirely by hand with a simple brush.

Artisans: Aymara ceramic artisans in Bolivia have inherited and adapted the ancestral techniques and designs to share with the world through fair trade for a better quality of life. These artisans have a decent job that allows them to value their culture and teach it to their children. This Nativity set was acquired through a Fair Trade organization. Fair trade pays impoverished artisans a fair price for their work and puts people first, not profits.

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2 inch (5 cm)
Made From:
Porcelain / Ceramic
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