Miraculous Blessing Angel - 9" G Debrekht Illustrated Nativity

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  • Miraculous Blessing Angel -  9" G Debrekht Illustrated Nativity
  • Miraculous Blessing Angel -  9" G Debrekht Illustrated Nativity
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Limited Edition of 900 pieces. Production of this Illustrated Nativity Scene Angel by G Debrekht was limited to only 900 pieces. Mary and Baby Jesus with kneeling Santa. From the Derevo Collection comes this beautiful Illustrated Nativity Angel "Miraculous Blessings". This finely detailed hand-painted Angel stands 9 inches tall. 

Click on photo for larger view. Designed by the G.DeBrekht's fine Russian artists, the collection starts with a hand-carving from Russia. From each hand-carved piece a mold is created. The pieces are then cast in resin and hand-painted by highly skilled international artisans trained in the Russian/ G.DeBrekht styles. The completed products are so fine, that the designers can not tell the difference between this collection and the hand-carved originals.

From the Studios of G.DeBrekht, we provide the following description: "The talented artists of G.DeBrekht Artistic Studios have created an exquisite collection of decorative art for the home and for holiday celebrations. Each piece has intrigued and delighted us with intricate hand painting, nostalgic artwork and exquisite design. G.DeBrekht continues its tradition with impressive new creations for our .. Derevo Collection..! Our studio has worked passionately with every new concept, design, carving, color choice and stroke of paint. In some instances, we will spend more time than planned on a particular piece, but we will not settle for less than our very best work! The final result is a true Masterpiece! Take a moment to admire the collection and you will find subtle surprises placed in every piece by the hands of the very finest artists. G.DeBrekht Artistic Studios has remained committed to Old World craftsmanship, resisting the trend to automate the production process. Each piece will have spent countless hours in the hands of our talented artists. G.DeBrekht is home to the best and brightest Russian, American and international artists, hand-carvers and free hand painters, no two pieces will ever be identical. We have enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many friends who love and appreciate our art during our travels to cities around the world. We are proud to know that so many people treasure the creations, some who enjoy them so much that they have created a G.DeBrekht Museum for their private collection within their home. Be proud of your G.DeBrekht art, share the product with your discerning [friends] and celebrate the triumph of beautiful artistry. Display it in a place of importance and it will repay you many times over."

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