L'Atelier Arterra Nativity - France

Hand-made and hand-painted in France.

French Nativity Collection - Nativity Santons Made in France. Each piece of this nativity collection is made entirely by hand in France. The figures are rich in detail - both in the molding and the painting. All the manufacturing steps are done in Marseille, France - the design, molding, die-casting, touching up, fettling, washing, drying, firing, and decorating. When the clay santons are finished, they embody classic French character and beauty.

A brief history of "santons": During the French Revolution when churches were forced to close and people did not have access to view large nativity scenes, Lagnel, an artist in Marseille (where this collection of santons is made) began creating small religious figures from terracotta. This tradition has continued ever since in the Province region of France. A traditional Provençal crèche depicts the nativity scene amid village life in Province.

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