Nativity Scenes - Lesotho

Nativity Scenes - Lesotho

flag-of-lesotho.pngWe are delighted to have this nativity set from Lesotho here at YonderStar. Lesotho is a land-locked country in Africa, completely encircled by South Africa. The national symbol of Lesotho is the Mokorotlo - a hat made from Mosea grass and said to be inspired by the Qiloane Mountain - is pictured on their flag. One of the wisemen in our nativity set from Letotho is wearing a Mokorotlo.

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    Lesotho Nativity Set - Made in African Kingdom of Lesotho

    The regal costuming of the wisemen and the African animals make this a truly unique nativity set. The wisemen are represented by the real life kings of the nation of Lesotho. King Moshoeshoe I (seated with a headdress and printed cape) became...