Ukrainian Nativity Bells

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The collection of textile painted bells is a reminder of the Ukrainian Christmas bells that yearly proclaim the glory of the birth of the Son of God.   The traditional set of 14 bells depict the Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus, her husband Joseph, shepherds with the cattle who became the first witnesses of the Birth, Three Kings who came from the parts of the world with gifts, and Three Angels which blessed the event.

Taken all together, they reconstruct the créche. The Ukrainian tradition of créche goes back to the times when illiterate villagers were told the Biblical story about the birth of little Jesus in Bethlehem with the help of nativity figures.  The bells are hand-sewn in Ukraine from natural cotton textile and filled with light hypoallergenic padding polyester, painted with Italian acrylics and soaked with the warm flavors of spices and chocolate. Bells give off a very, very mild fragrance and are painted on both sides.

The wooden storage box is also decorative painted and measures approximately 12 x 12 x 7 inches. Each bell measures approximately 5 inches tall, with a 6 inch long ribbon attached for hanging.

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5 inch (13 cm) bells
Made From:
Painted Textile
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