The Perfect Wedding Gift : A Nativity Scene

Our wedding nativity set lookbook will give you some great ideas for selecting the perfect wedding gift. We love giving a nativity set as a wedding gift - you can start off with just a few pieces and add new pieces every anniversary. You will always know what gift to get the bride and groom.

Henning Nativity Set Norway
The beauty of the Henning nativity set is truly remarkable. The pieces are all hand-carved and hand-painted in Norway. An excellent wedding nativity for a couple with a colorful, unique style.
Hestia Nativity Set
The Hestia Companions Collection Nativity is among the most outstanding of American nativity sets. Genuine characters and hand-made quality make this Nativity a treasure to be enjoyed for generations.
Kastlunger Nativity Set
One of our top recommended wedding nativity sets. The Kastlunger nativity is expressive and unique. It's not only an heirloom, but a magnificent work of art!
Rinconada Nativity Set
Hand made in Uruguay and truly one of the finest examples of contemporary ceramic design. These nativity scene figures are all hand-made, hand-painted, and embellished with 18 kt gold and platinum.
Huggler Nativity Set
A truly gorgeous nativity scene hand-carved in Switzerland. A magnificent choice for a truly special wedding gift.
Venetian Nativity Scene
For the couple with a traditional style, the LEPI Venetian nativity features splendid, flowing garments, gold leafing and opulent kings and attendants.
Marolin Nativity Scene
The Marolin nativity from Germany is an excellent wedding nativity set. The heirloom quality of the Marolin nativity pieces will be cherished year after year.
May 1st 2019 Cindy S

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