Tips for Purchasing an Outdoor Nativity Scene

Tips for Purchasing an Outdoor Nativity Scene

Tips for Purchasing an Outdoor Nativity Scene

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An outdoor nativity scene can be a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations, but choosing the right one requires some consideration. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

1. Determine Your Budget

Before you start shopping, decide on your budget.  Outdoor nativity scenes come in a wide range of prices, so setting a budget will help you narrow down your options and make a more informed decision. Most outdoor nativity scenes can be purchased piece by piece so you may wish to purchase your set over a few years.

2. Consider the Size

Think about the available space in your yard or outdoor area. Measure the area where you plan to display the nativity scene, ensuring you have enough room for the figures and any accompanying decorations. Our  most popular outdoor nativity scene is 39 inches tall, however some people prefer a smaller size.

3. Material and Durability

Outdoor nativity scenes are exposed to the elements, so durability is a consideration. Our most popular sets from the Joseph’s Studio collection are made from a blend of stone and resin. The stone allows for great detail and the resin provides durability. While most outdoor nativity scenes are only displayed for a few weeks during the Christmas season, you will want to consider the climate of your location and take extra precautions if you plan to display your outdoor nativity set all year. The summer sun can fade even the most durable products so a covering would be particularly helpful in this situation.

4. Lighting

If you want your outdoor nativity set to be visible at night, you will need to add some outdoor safe lighting. Something as simple as mini lights and greenery can be an effective lighting choice. Other options include flood lights or up lights. A few well placed lights can really make your nativity scene shine.

5. Number of Figures

Outdoor nativity scenes can vary in the number of figures displayed. The holy family is focal piece of the nativity scene, however some people prefer to add only an ox and donkey as accompaniment. Others like the look of a full display with the three kings and a  camel for each wiseman, shepherd and sheep, angels and a drummer boy. We know a few people who like to display their outdoor nativity in stages with the shepherds arriving first and the wisemen journeying later.

6. Accessibility and Safety

Ensure your nativity scene is placed in a location that can be enjoyed safely. Avoid obstructing walkways or creating tripping hazards with cords or stakes used to secure the figures. If you live in an area with heavy winds, you will want to take precautions against figures blowing over. A constructed manger can help with this, or a quantity of hay bales to cushion any toppling over. We always recommend you write your name and phone number on the bottom of each nativity piece - particularly the baby Jesus. Sadly. It can be a common teen prank to steal the baby Jesus. The teens don’t often keep the stolen figure and when it turns up, it will likely find its way back to you if your contact information is on the bottom.

7. Maintenance

An outdoor nativity scene requires very little maintenance, but there are a few things you may want to consider to extend the lifespan of the set. The manufacturer of the Josephs Studio 39”  large outdoor nativity and smaller 27” outdoor nativity set recommends spraying the figures with a clear lacquer to help preserve the color. Additionally, a light cleaning with some gentle soap and warm water before putting the figures away in the off season is a good idea.

8. Read Reviews and Shop from Reputable Retailers - like!

Before making a purchase, read customer reviews and shop from reputable retailers or manufacturers. This can help you get a better idea of the product's quality and durability.

9. Shipping Cost and Tax

Check if the outdoor nativity scene comes with free shipping. Here at YonderStar, we offer free shipping on orders over $65 within the contiguous United States. We are required to charge sales tax on orders billed or shipped to Pennsylvania. If you reside in a different area, we do not collect tax on your order.

We hope this guide was helpful to you. By considering these tips, you'll be well-prepared to select the perfect outdoor nativity scene to celebrate the holiday season and share the joy of the Christmas story with your neighbors and visitors.

Nov 7th 2023 Cynthia Snyder

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