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  • Chancay Style Ceramic Nativity Set Chancay Nativity Set

    Chancay Style Ceramic Nativity Set

    Fair Trade

    Artists are inspired to recreate the nativity story using imagery from every culture and time-period. This amazing nativity scene is made in the style of the Chancay culture. The Chancay lived...
  • vine and flowers nativity scene vine and flowers nativity

    Vine and Flowers Nativity Scene

    Fair Trade

    The holy family are gathered under a flowing vine with colorful leaves and flowers in this Vine and Flowers Nativity Scene. The nativity is displayed atop a painted red globe with decorative cutouts...
  • Kiche Mayan Nativity Set Mayan nativity scene

    K’iche’ Maya Nativity Scene

    Fair Trade

    Beautifully carved K’iche’ Maya nativity scene is handmade from pinewood and handpainted in vibrant colors. Mary and Joseph are painted in the traditional K’iche’ Mayan embroidered clothing that...
  • Nativity scene candle holder Andean Twilight Nativity Scene Candle Holder

    Andean Twilight Nativity Scene Candle Holder

    Fair Trade

    Handmade in Peru and Fair Trade imported, this nativity scene features the holy family in colorful attire and the infant Jesus swaddled on Mary's back. At the heart of the nativity is a space for a...