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Who was Josef Lada?

Our Josef Lada nativity scene has just come back in stock - what better time than now to talk about the artist behind the scene.Josef Lada was a self-taught illustrator from the Czech Republic and his art was inspired by his surroundings growing up i…
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Why do traditional nativity sets have a bagpiper?

Many traditional nativity sets include a bagpiper, and this may be a little puzzling for folks who don't know the tradition of the zampogna. Why does a nativity set have a bagpiper?My great aunt's nativity scene, which I display every year, includes…
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Our 1st Nativity from Ireland - What Took So Long?

Within the past few months, the folks at YonderStar have been hard at work getting ready to launch the new website. And Brett has been scouring the globe for new countries to add to our Nativity Scenes Around the World showcase.Just a few days ago we…
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