Darius - 7.5" Fontanini Nativity Village Baker 52824

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  • Fontanini nativity Darius
  • Darius - 7.5" Fontanini Nativity Village Baker 52824
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Fontanini nativity Darius offering loaves of bread. The Village Baker for your 7.5 inch Fontanini Nativity Village Scene. 52824

Fontanini Nativity figures are made in Italy and are richly detailed and hand-painted in an old-world palette for authenticity and enduring beauty. The figures are handcrafted from a specially formatted polymer that is resistant to chipping and breaking.

The Fontanini Nativity story of Darius: Darius was one of many bakers in the town of Bethlehem. For many years, he toiled day in and day out, baking the breads that provided nourishment to his fellow villagers. It was long and lonely work, and Darius, though he never complained, so wished for a companion to share his life. One day, one customer after another came to the bakery telling the very same story - that angels had announced the birth of the Messiah, in the form of a new baby born in the stable of the inn. This story gave Darius great hope - perhaps if such a wondrous miracle could occur, there would be hope for his lonely life. He spent that day preparing a basket of his finest breads to take to the Child. When Darius got to the stable, it was crowded with visitors from far and near, each laden with gifts. As he approached the manger, he noticed another baker bearing breads - the lovely Ruth, who would become his wife.

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7.5 inch (19 cm)
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