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Phoebe - Hestia Companions Nativity Farmer

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Phoebe the farmer was introduced to the Companions Nativity collection in 2023. Phoebe carries a basket of wheat and a basket of vegetables and is the wife of Isaac

Nativity Scene hand-made in the USA, the Companions Hestia nativity collection features hand cast bonded marble figures created by designer Linda McDonald. 

From Phoebe's collector card:

"As a farmer's wife, the day is always long, and the work is very hard. Sometimes it feels like all Isaac and I do is work, and yet we never get ahead. We eke out our existence on this little plot of land, hoping for a better life. But with a name like Phoebe, which means bright or radiant, I try to stay hopeful, trusting that God will be faithful and send us the Messiah to make life better. Last night I saw a bright star in the sky. Some say it's a sign that a new king was born. Perhaps finally, the Messiah has come..."

The Christmas season is beautifully portrayed in this heirloom quality nativity set. Carefully chosen fabrics are applied to the bonded marble sculptures to add texture and an authentic first century appearance. Each year artist Linda MacDonald adds a new piece and retires an old one, and collectors are building value as they enjoy the beauty of this Christmas Nativity scene. 

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7 inch (18 cm)
Bonded Marble
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