Marolin German Nativity Scene

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  • Marolin German Nativity scene
  • German Nativity from Marolin
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Marolin - An authentically traditional German nativity collection. Heirloom quality nativity scene from Germany. This 12 cm scale starter set includes Holy Family and wooden stable.

The nativity figures measure 12 cm (approximately 4 3/4 inches) tall. The wooden stable measures 11" tall, 14" wide, and 8.5" deep.

In 1900 Richard and Minna Mahr founded their company in Steinach Germany. The secret of their success was a self invented form of paper mache. Today, all production at Marolin is still made in the traditional way started by Richard and Minna Mahr. The 5th generation of their family continues to produce fine nativity scene items that are sought after in Germany and around the world.

Today, as over a hundred years ago, the Marolin figurines are made completely by hand and the special mixture of fine papier-mâché created by Richard Mar is still used. This carefully composed combination of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste and clay can be poured into some molds in a thin liquid form or pressed into other molds in a more solid form. Figurines of about 4.75 inches or larger are made as hollow figures by pouring the mixture into molds. Smaller figurines and the extremities for the larger ones are made by pressing the mixture into corresponding molds. Because the extremities are quite fragile, a copper wire reinforcement is inserted into them at the time of production. After all of the parts of each figurine have been dried, trimmed and cleaned, they are very carefully fitted together. Larger areas of the figurines such as dresses and trousers are painted with airbrush pistols. Afterwards individual painters, all master craftsmen, give the figurines their unique character and vitality. Patina is delicately rubbed onto the surface to create even more plasticity and depth. And then at long last wonderful gold accents are added to finish off the exquisite figurines.

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4.7 inch (12 cm)
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