Nativity Scene from Ukraine

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  • Nativity Scene from Ukraine
  • Nativity Scene from Ukraine
  • Ukraine nativity scene


This Ukrainian nativity set keeps alive the ancient tradition of the nativity play in Ukraine. A blend of natural materials are hand molded, baked. sanded, glazed, and decoratively painted to form this nativity display.

Ukraine has a rich history of the nativity play. Illiterate parishioners would sculpt nativity figures to narrated the biblical story of the birth of Jesus. As towns began to grow, nativity scene would be displayed in front of the church. Even further, parishioners arranged nativity performances with the use of bright costumes, puppet theater and songs to tell about the birth of Jesus.
We try to keep this tradition alive and to represent it in our souvenirs.

The loving detail put into this Ukrainian nativity truly shines through..

Handmade in Ukraine and certified environmentally responsible by the certification of Ukrainian public organization Living Planet.

Measures approximately 6.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide.

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6 inch (15 cm)
New for 2019
Made From:
Natural Materials
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