Nativity Advent Calendars

Nativity Advent Calendars

Celebrate the season with these lovely traditionally styled Nativity advent calendars

  • Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar Heirloom Wooden Advent Calendar

    Byers Choice

    Heirloom Wooden Advent Calendar Nativity Scene

    Countdown to Christmas morning with our wonderful, quality nativity wooden Advent calendar that is sure to be a cherished family heirloom. This wooden Advent Christmas Nativity scene has 24 numbered doors. Behind each door there is room for small...
  • Musical Nativity Advent Calendar

    Byers Choice

    Musical Nativity Advent Calendar

    Wow - twelve different classic Christmas carols play when you open a door on this heirloom quality musical nativity Advent calendar! The nativity scene is displayed on the front of the calendar, and behind each door is a space for a small treat or...
  • Wooden and magnetic Advent calendar. Wooden nativity advent calendar.

    Wood and Magnetic Nativity Advent Calendar

    This nativity themed wooden and magnetic Advent calendar has been a customer favorite for years. Crafted from wood and tin, this Christmas calendar features little doors around the border of the calendar that hold magnetized Nativity scene pieces. Each...
  • Wooden Advent Calendar Fontanini Nativity Countdown


    Wooden Advent Calendar Fontanini Nativity Countdown

    This wooden Nativity Advent calendar by Fontanini is the perfect size to display on your desktop or shelf. Wooden Advent calendar features 24 Fontanini Nativity figures to be hung on the Nativity stable backdrop. The calendar can be closed and features a...
  • Set of 24 Foil Wrapped Chocolates : Pre-Order

    Set of 24 Foil Wrapped Chocolates : Pre-Order

    Perfect for refilling your Advent calendars or your holiday candy dishes. Great quality Madelaine milk chocolate has a creamy, smooth, rich chocolate taste. This 24 piece chocolate set features each delicious piece wrapped in foil with Christmas prints...
  • 5 Pound Box of Foil Wrapped Chocolates : Pre-Order 2019

    From famous chocolatier Madelaine chocolates comes this marvelous 5 pound box of individually wrapped chocolates. Each piece is wrapped in foil with Christmas prints. Each piece of chocolate appears as an individually wrapped gift for your holiday season...