Nativity Scenes - Canada

Nativity Scenes - Canada

Canadian nativity scenes for your international nativity collection.

  • Canadian pewter nativity set Pewter nativity set

    Pewter Nativity Set Made in Canada

    Free standing pewter nativity pieces are made in Canada and designed to last a lifetime and beyond. High quality, lead-free pewter is formed to create these lustrous nativity pieces that are a beautiful year-round reminder of the joys of Christmas...
  • Pewter nativity from Canada Canadian nativity

    Canadian Pewter Nativity Set - 11 Piece

    Pewter nativity set handmade in Canada. Each piece is designed to last a lifetime and beyond. Smooth, classic nativity pieces are small enough to display in any special nook. Heirloom quality nativity pieces are designed and made in Nova Scotia, Canada...