Nativity Scenes - Ireland

Nativity Scenes - Ireland

Note: On this page you will find Nativity scenes made in Ireland and Irish themed Nativity scenes that are not made in Ireland.

Ireland is an island nation located in Europe. It is bordered by Northern Ireland and the Atlantic Ocean. The Celts have a long tradition of metalwork dating back to the bronze age, where the people known as the Tuath de Denann were renowned for their skills in many arts including goldsmithing. The Tuath de Denann were driven to the forested lands by the Melesians where they faded into myth by the storied respect of their conquerors. 


  • Celtic style nativity

    Celtic Nativity Scene

    The 2 inch scale Celtic Nativity figures are cast in resin as a replica of Celtic stone carvings found throughout Ireland. A truly unique Nativity set in the Celtic tradition. $16.00 69809 Made from resin. Measures 2.375"H .625"W 1.75"D.  See more...
  • Irish Celtic Nativity Celtic nativity set

    Celtic Nativity Set

    Early Christian monks used the Celtic stone carving style to illustrate bible stories. In this unique nativity set, the figures are made to resemble the rough hewn stone the Christian monks in Ireland may have used create their Celtic nativity. Made...
  • Celtic village nativity Celtic village nativity scene

    Lighted Celtic Nativity Scene and Village

    Our Celtic nativity celebrates the birth of Jesus amid a lighted church, inn, and home. Celtic nativity scene features 10 nativity figures and lighted village Church, Inn and Home.  Celtic nativity figures measure 3 inches tall. Manger measures 6...
  • pewter nativity ireland nativity from ireland

    Pewter Nativity Set from Ireland

    Pewter has a long history in Ireland, going back over 800 years, and the quality and workmanship is evident in this wonderful Nativity from Mullingar Pewter, hand-crafted in Ireland.  Each piece is made in the traditional way in Mullingar's own...