Nativity Scenes - Palestine

Nativity Scenes - Palestine

Nativity set Palestine

These nativity scenes are acquired through a fair trade organization and are crafted in the West Bank of the Palestine region in the Middle East. Palestine refers to a region as well as a nation located within the borders of Israel. Its cities are in the heart of many modern religious centers, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. All three religions draw their roots from the Old Testament. The national tree of Palestine and Israel is the olive tree. The national bird is the Palestinian sunbird. The national bird of Israel is the Hoopoe. 

Our Nativity scenes from Palestine are acquired through fair trade organizations that put people first, not profits.

  • Olive Wood Nativity Creche from Palestine Fair Trade

    Fair Trade

    Olive Wood Nativity Creche from Palestine Fair Trade

    This olive wood nativity is made from skilled artisans in the West Bank territory of Palestine. Pruned branches of olive trees are used; this is not only a sustainable practice, but it also lends a lot of interest to the stable of this nativity as you...