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39" Large Outdoor Nativity Set 3 pcs

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Our 39" scale large Outdoor Nativity scene Holy Family is designed for use outdoors or indoors. This gorgeous, full color outdoor nativity is crafted from a sturdy stone/resin blend. The large outdoor Nativity pieces are weighty enough that they resist blowing over, but are not too heavy to lift and move around.

This is a beautifully designed outdoor nativity scene.

Baby Jesus measures 10.5"H 13"W 9.5"D and weighs 5 lbs.
Mary measures 24.5"H 16"W 13.5"D and weighs 12.5 lbs.
Joseph measures 38"H 17"W 14"D and weighs 24 lbs.

Because outdoor Nativities and large decorations are extremely costly to ship, returns on outdoor decorations will be minus our exact cost to ship the item.

39 inch (99 cm)
Made From:
Stone Resin Blend

1 Review

Ann Marie May 24th 2017

Wow. Gorgeous

Bought this in 2014 and have been adding more Yonder Star pieces ever since. It's beautiful and worth the $$$. Thanks.

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