Denmark - The Next Stop on Our Virtual World Tour of Christmas

The next location on our virtual world tour is Denmark. So many interesting Christmas traditions from around the world!

Christmas in Denmark is celebrated with many culinary traditions. The Christmas lunch (or Julefrokost) is a traditional Danish Christmas event. The meal consists of several fish options served on Danish rye bread, followed by a course of meats and cabbage dishes, and a dessert course of cheeses, citrus fruits, and risalamande, a Christmas rice dish. Also traditionally consumed during the Julefrokost is beer and Akvavit.

Like many other countries, the people of Denmark enjoy opening Advent calendars or Julekalender beginning the first of December. Denmark also has an Advent calendar themed television program during this time - each night of December, a special Advent episode is aired. How fun is that!

Scandinavian Nativity Scene from Denmark

Mar 28th 2020 Cindy S

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