Would a Nativity Set Be a Good Mother's Day Gift?

A nativity set is typically displayed during the Christmas season as a reminder of the birth of Jesus - the reason for the season after all - but showcasing a nativity scene during different times of the year can be just as lovely. Since Mother's Day is approaching, we thought we'd consider if a nativity scene would be a good Mother's Day gift idea.

LEPI Nazarene Nativity

In a nativity scene, Mary is depicted as a loving and devoted mother, caring for her newborn son Jesus in a humble manger. As such, a nativity set can hold a special meaning for mothers who identify with Mary's role as a caretaker and protector of her child.

Fontanini Birth of Christ

Additionally, as a nativity set during the Christmas season is a reminder of the importance of family and faith, also during Mother's Day, giving a nativity set as a gift to a mother may be seen as a way of honoring and celebrating these values in daily life.

An extra touch to a nativity display during the month of May would be to add springtime colors and accents. See our blog post on How To Display A Nativity Set In Spring for some fresh ideas.

May 5th 2023 Cynthia Snyder

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