Nativity scenes from the House of FONTANINI in Italy have been cherished collectibles for decades.  Each piece is richly detailed and hand-painted in an old-world palette for authenticity and enduring beauty. The figures are handcrafted from a specially formatted polymer that is resistant to chipping and breaking.

Here's a great chance to begin a Nativity collection, or add to an existing one, with our 30% OFF FONTANINI SALE!


Sale applies to IN-STOCK items only, and EXCLUDES the following:

                              18" (except Holy Family)., 27", 50", and 5" Life of Christ figures

Choose from 3.5"5"75." and 12" scale figures, stables, sets, and accessories, as well as 

in-stock Glitterdomes and Crucifixes.

Apr 5th 2019 CB

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