How to Choose the Perfect Advent Calendar

Looking for just the right  Advent calendar but aren't sure which one to choose? Le us help you find it!

Do you want an Advent calendar pre-filled, or do you want to add your own treats?

Wooden Advent Calendar Chest

Heirloom Nativity Advent Calendar

One of our most popular pre-filled Advent calendars is our Wooden Advent Calendar Chest of Drawers. It is pre-filled with 24 ornaments and comes with a small Christmas tree!

Completely self contained - at the end of the Advent season, simply pack up the ornaments and tree in the chest and store until next year!  We also have a similar calendar with a Santa theme here : Wooden Advent Calendar Chest

Another self-contained option is our  Nativity Advent Calendar - made from wood, each little nativity figure has a magnetic on the back and can be placed on the metal stable scene in the center of the calendar.

If you prefer to fill your Advent calendar with little treats of your choosing, the heirloom wooden Advent calendar is an excellent choice. An evening nativity sc

Another customer favorite is our Chalet Wooden Advent Calendar. Small lights are tucked away in the Christmas scene and 24 numbered drawers form the base of the calendar.ene adorns the front and sturdy wooden doors of large and small sizes allow for treats of different sizes and shapes.

There are lots and lots of Advent calendars to choose from here : but a good place to start when making your decision is : Do I want my calendar pre-filled, or do I want it ready to go.

Lighted Chalet Advent Calendar

Oct 8th 2018 Cindy S

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