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Traditional Dress Nativity Scene from the Republic of Georgia

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Traditional dress nativity scene from the Republic of Georgia features clothing representative of Georgian history and culture.

Joseph is wearing the traditional Svan hat and has a dagger in his belt. Svans are one of the distinct northern peoples of Georgia. The Svan hat, also called Svanuri Kudi is considered an essential part of traditional Svan male attire. The tradition of carrying a dagger, known as Svanuri Kama, is deeply rooted in the culture and represents courage, strength, and readiness to protect one's family, community, and homeland.

Mary wears a head dress traditional to the Georgian culture, and long braids as is traditional for young women in Georgia.

The shepherd wears a Georgian hat called papakhi or shepherd's hats. This type of hat is typically made from the wool of Georgian sheep and is known for their distinctive shape and design. Papakhi hats are often worn by shepherds and are regarded as a symbol of Georgian identity.

The king's outfit is designed to imitate the Georgian kings of old and his camel is outfitted to match.

Nativity scene handmade in the Republic of Georgia is crafted from felted Georgian wool. The country's mountainous terrain and climate provide favorable conditions for sheep farming, and Georgian sheep are renowned for their high-quality wool. 

Georgian nativity scene measures approximately 2.5 inches tall and is made from needle felted Georgian wool.


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