Companions Collection Nativity Scene from Hestia

Companions Nativity
Of the hundreds of nativity scenes that we sell here at YonderStar, the Hestia Companions Collection Nativity Series is among the most unique and outstanding. Its genuine characters and hand-made quality make this particular Nativity a treasure that your family will enjoy for generations.

The Christmas season is beautifully portrayed in this heirloom quality Companions Collection Nativity. Carefully chosen fabrics are applied to the bonded marble figures to add an authentic appearance. Each year artist Linda MacDonald hand creates the design and molds for new pieces. As well, each year an older figure is retired from the collection, never to be produced again. This makes the Companions Collection a truly collectible Nativity. This is a Nativity that will increase in value over the years. Standing figures are approximately 7 inches high. Hand-dressed and hand-painted in USA. Figures are molded in Mexico.

Feedback from a customer who purchased from the Hestia Companions Collection: "Love your store! Love your service! Always a pleasure!!!!!"

Hestia Companions Collection Nativity Scene Starter Set - Pre-Order
Holy Family Companions Collection Nativity Scene - Pre-Order
Atticus - Hestia Companions Nativity Solider - Pre-Order 2014
Horse - Hestia Companions Nativity Animal - Pre-Order 2014
Trough - Hestia Companions Nativity Accessory
Stable Companions Collection Nativity Scene
Sephora - Companions Collection Angel
Wisemen Companions Nativity 3 Kings - Pre-Order
Seated Donkey Companions Nativity Animal
Kaspar Companions Wiseman
Roman Soldier Scene - Hestia Companions Nativity - Pre-Order
Balthasar Companions Wiseman
Melchior Companions Wiseman
Canaan Dog - Shepherd's Dog - out of stockTimaeus Companions Collection  Shepherd
Donkey Companions Nativity Animal
Cow Companions Nativity Animal
Simon Companions Collection - Fisherman
Fish & Shells Companions Collection Accessories
Zechariah - husband of Elizabeth
Serena - Hestia Companions Nativity Angel - Pre-Order
Lamb Accessory Companions Collection
Avi Companions Collection - Cloth Merchant - Husband of Isabelle
Anna Companions Collection - Prophetess
Aaron & Talia Companions Collection - Children of Avi & Isabelle - Retiring in 2013
Isabel  Companions Collection - Milk Maid - Wife of Avi
Goat Companions Collection Animal
Gideon Companions Nativity Shepherd Boy
Elihu Companions Collection Shepherd
Simeon Companions Collection Hestia Nativity - retired in 2007
Hannah Companions Collection Nativity Shepherd Girl - Retired in 2008
Josiah Companions Collection Hestia Nativity Shepherd - Retired in 2009
Ariel Companions Nativity Angel by Hestia - Retired in 2010
Caleb Elephant Handler - Companions Nativity - Retired in 2011
Companions Collection Elephant - Retired in 2011
Maya -Companions Collection  Peasant Girl Goose Herder - Retired in 2012
Goose  Accessory - Companions Collection - Set of 2 - Retired in 2012
Seated Camel Companions Nativity Animal
Standing Camel for Companions Collection Nativity
Musad Companions Nativity - Camel Driver - Pre-Order
Ox Companions Collection Nativity Animal
Tamar Companions Collection Angel
Olive Tree Companions Collection Accessory - out of stockCalf for Hestia Companions Collection Nativity
Sheep Companions Collection set of 2 Sheep
Ram Companions Nativity Animal - out of stockBenjamin Companions Collection - Innkeeper
Leah Companions Collection - Innkeeper's Wife
Dog Companions Collection Shepherd's Dog
Kittens Companions Collection Animals - out of stock
Chickens Companions Nativity Animals - out of stockLantern & Campfire Accessories Companions Nativity - out of stockGifts of the Magi for Companions Nativity - out of stockPots & Haybale Companions Collection Accessories - Out of StockRocks Companions Nativity Accessory
Fruit & Vegetables Companions Nativity Accessory
Hestia Creations "Old World Santa" - 2003 Edition
Hestia Creations "Victorian Santa" - 2004 Edition
Hestia Creations "Woodland Santa" - 2005 Edition
Hestia Creations "Traditional Santa" - 2006 Edition
Hestia Creations "Father Christmas" - 2007 Edition
Hestia Creations "Vintage Santa" - 2008 Edition
Hestia Creations "Northwoods Santa" - 2009 Edition
Hestia Creations "Nautical Santa" - 2010 Edition
Signature Series Limited Availability
Wisemen Bas-Relief Sculpture Companions Collection
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