About Ugandan Bark-Cloth

About Ugandan Bark-Cloth

Shown above : 9 piece nativity set from Uganda

Several of our nativity sets are made in Uganda from bark-cloth which may leave you wondering : What exactly IS bark cloth?

Making barkcloth is an ancient Ugandan tradition, and the cloth is known as olubugo in Uganda.

Olubugo makers must carefully harvest the bark of the Mutuba to allow the tree to continue to grow. Large sections of bark are removed, beaten with mallets to give it a soft texture, and allowed to dry.

The use and production of bark-cloth is considered one of the Earth's oldest fabric crafts - even predating weaving!

Our bark cloth nativity sets make use of bark-cloth remnants left over from the manufacturing of bark-cloth clothing.

When purchasing bark-cloth items, it is vital to ensure they are sustainably harvested (such as the items we offer). Deforestation is a huge problem in Uganda and poor harvesting techniques could bring an end to the ancient Ugandan tradition of bark cloth making.

Sep 30th 2018 Cindy S

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