Be Inspired : Anne's Nativity Collection

Be Inspired : Anne's Nativity Collection

Our dear friend Anne in Utah has shared her inspiring nativity collection with many throughout the years and she has been kind enough to send in photos of her recent Celebration of Christ display. The light of Christ is truly present in Anne's artful and educational outreach. Here are some of her photos for you to enjoy:

Summer Nativity Display

Have Faith Christ's there in Life's Summer, Sharing His Warmth and Light.

Anne's Summer nativity display is alive with bright colors. Her addition of a bowl and pitcher floral arrangement, Summery candles and a birdhouse or small decorative house in the background exudes warmth and light. 

Winter Nativity Display

In Life's Winter the End's Closer than the Beginning and Christ's there Waiting with Nothing but Love.

Anne's Winter nativity display is quiet and serene in a palette of black and white. Her arrangement of white flowers with greenish yellow centers and a black vase and frame really balance out the scene. 

Harvest Nativity

Hope in Christ's Harvest is the Best Most Precious Gift of Life's Fall.

Anne's Harvest creche scene has the warmth of fall, coupled with the cool tones of the winter to come.  Beautiful golden candle holders and a standing plaque with golden stars serve as a backdrop for the nativity.

The photo at the top of the page is of Anne participating in a nativity display gala, December of 2017. Anne has collected over a thousand nativity depictions and continually shares her blessings by spreading the good news of Christ's love through these wonderful nativity displays.

Thank you so very much for sending us your wonderful photos, Anne. We so enjoying seeing them, and will likely upload more for inspiration in the future!

Mar 23rd 2018 Cindy S

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