Creating Your Nativity : Find Your Style

Creating Your Nativity : Find Your Style

Creating a nativity scene display for yourself of someone else? The first thing to ask is : What's my style? Or their style?

Is is classic beauty with traditional elements and a timeless sense of tradition? 

Or is it whimsical, unique and off-beat?

If your style is classic, you're likely to enjoy a classic nativity scene as well. 

Fontanini Holy Family Nativity

For classic styling, you can't hardly go wrong with Fontanini. Made in Italy, the options for styling your nativity display are virtually endless.

Also made in Italy is the timeless beauty of the LEPI Nazarene nativity. Hand-carved and exquisite!

These are just two samplings of the extensive classic nativity options we have here at Yonder Star. Take a peek and see if classic is your thing!

If your style is unique, then a unique nativity set is your best bet.

Kastlunger Nativity Set

A long time staff and customer favorite is the remarkable LEPI Kastlunger Nativity collection. Each piece is so unique, inventive, and joyful. Truly a treasure for all time.

Is your style somewhere in between?

Henning Nativity Norway

The Henning nativity from Norway straddles the traditional and unique worlds. Pieces are classic in design, with a flair of Norwegian elements that, here in the US, make this collection unique as well.

This is the first step in our how-to segment to help you create your (or a gift) nativity display. Stay tuned for more tips in the near future.

Mar 9th 2018 Cindy S

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