Fritware, Tulips and Carnations - Turkish Traditions and Nativity Scenes

The art of fritware pottery has a long history and has been created in the middle east since the 13th century. Frit (ground glass), 85-90% ground quartz and a small amount of clay are fired together at high temperatures. The ground glass melts to bind the quartz together and form the finished piece.

This gorgeous fritware nativity scene is handmade in Turkey and features red tulips. Tulips are native to Turkey and the name tulip is derived from the Turkish word tulbend (or turban). In Turkey, tulips are a symbol of peace and prosperity. 

Turkish Nativity Scene with Red Tulips

Carnations are also meaningful flowers in Turkey. Stylized carnations were used in art during the Ottoman empire to reflect wealth and abundance. All of our beautiful nativity scenes from Turkey include a small Turkish carpet for the holy family to rest upon.

Turkish Nativity Set with Carnations
May 7th 2020

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