It's time to start GATHERING STARS for December discounts !

HERE WE GO AGAIN! - another chance to "GATHER STARS" for December shopping discounts !

Many of you will remember our "GATHERING STARS" summer promotion from last year, but for those of you who have recently joined us (and we're glad you have - thank you !), here's how it works:

Simply shop as a logged in YonderStar customer from June 1, 2019 through October 1, 2019, and earn discounts to be applied to any in-stock purchases the entire month of December !   We'll track your orders for you, and tally the discounts - how easy is that?

And just WHAT ARE THESE DISCOUNTS, you very well might ask . . . ??

You can earn a 5% discount for any purchase during the promotional period . . .

a 10% discount for a $150+ purchase during the promotional period . . .

a 15% discount for a $300+ purchase during the promotional period, or

a 20% discount for a $600+ purchase during the promotional period.

Your December discount will even be valid on sale or clearance items !

(Fine print:  Outdoor nativity items and Christmas trees are limited to a 10% discount maximum. Gift card purchases not eligible. All rights reserved by Yonder Star Christmas Shop, LLC.)

If you place orders and forget to log in (or don't have a Yonder Star account at all) and want to participate in this promo, please let us know ASAP and we'll help you out! You must have your orders registered under your Yonder Star account to earn discounts!

You could use your discount on . . .             or maybe . . .                                                 or even . . . 


     OUTDOOR NATIVITIES                       A FONTININI COLLECTIBLE              A Made-in-the-USA MASTERPIECE

So sharpen those pencils and make your Holiday lists NOW - it's a great time to start "GATHERING STARS" 

for discounts in DECEMBER !

Jun 9th 2019 CB

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