Outdoor Nativity Sets from General Foam Plastics / Empire of Carolina

Outdoor Nativity Sets from General Foam Plastics / Empire of Carolina

The iconic lighted plastic outdoor nativity sets long made in the USA are sadly no longer in production. General Foam Plastics (formerly Empire of Carolina) has closed its manufacturing plants and the outdoor nativity molds were sent for scrap. We purchased all the life size outdoor nativity sets we could (we know they are most people's favorites) but once our supply is gone, they will be gone for good. :(

How did this happen?

Well, it seems big box retailers had stopped carrying the large outdoor plastic nativity items, and instead began stocking the inflatable nativity sets. The reason for the big box stores was simple - the inflatable nativity sets take up less room on the shelves.

Customers still wanted the lighted plastic nativity sets, but these sets were just not being offered anymore by the big box stores. And there were simply not enough small family stores (like Yonder Star) placing orders to keep General Foam in business.

We're so saddened to see this iconic American business go under. My parents still have the outdoor holy family they purchased in the 70s. They still display it every year at Christmas.(And still tie down the infant Jesus so He doesn't get stolen!) 

We still offer as many outdoor nativity sets as we can find (facing the same storage space struggles that the big box stores do). We are committed to offering a great selection, no matter the size of the item! We will continue to be on the lookout for the next General Foam Plastics / Empire of Carolina to come along and make a great, iconic nativity scene.

Jun 14th 2018 Cindy S

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