LEPI Reindl Nativity - Italy

Hand-carved and hand-painted in the Val Gardena region of Italy, LEPI Nativity scenes are works of art and family heirlooms! These gorgeous Italian nativity pieces are an excellent gift idea for a memorable wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift. Many of our customers purchase one piece each year as a recurring gift for a special someone - or for themselves!

Each nativity scene piece is hand-carved and hand-painted in Italy from Alpine Maple, which is indigenous to the Groden Valley and is used for all LEPI woodcarvings. The wood is dried naturally for two years, then kiln dried for two weeks, reducing the wood to a moisture content of 8-12%. This enables the carvings to be in families for generations without any cracking or damage to the wood. Purchases of any LEPI Italian Nativity pieces are viewed as family heirlooms and are passed from generation to generation.

This version of the LEPI Reindl Nativity is 3.25 inch scale (8 cm). Other sizes and finishes are available. The scale of a Nativity is based on the tallest standing human figurine.

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