Unique Nativity Sets

Unique Nativity Sets

Our unique nativity scene collection offers a great choice of nativity scenes crafted in unique styles and from unique materials.

  • Ceramic Nativity ornament Peru

    Fair Trade

    Christmas Star Nativity Ornament Peru

    Fair Trade - Petite ceramic nativity and paper star are hand painted to create this brightly colored ornament. Star measures 4"L x 4"W x 1"D. $14.99 72784 Artisans: Manos Amigas is a fair trade organization that works with small artisan organizations...
  • Nativity scene with mice. Mouse nativity scene.

    Church Mouse Nativity Scene

    Nativity scenes do not get much cuter than this one! The mice hold a Christmas pageant nativity and use some books to make the stable. Announcing the Nativity Pageant is a cute mouse, dressed for Christmas, holding a chalk sign that reads Nativity Play...
  • Vietnamese Cinnamon Bark Nativity Set Cassia bark cinnamon nativity

    Fair Trade

    Cinnamon Bark Nativity from Vietnam

    Vietnamese cinnamon is loved by chefs around the world for its sweet, spicy, strong flavor. Also known as Cassia, this aromatic nativity set is made from fragrant cinnamon bark from Vietnam. The lovely cinnamon smell is delightful. The cinnamon nativity...
  • Kenyan nativity set Kenyan soapstone nativity set

    Fair Trade

    Colorful Hut Nativity Scene Carved of Soapstone - Kenya

    Hand-carved in Kenya, this soapstone Nativity is painted colorfully and features the Holy Family (Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus) along with a 2-piece hut with removable roof. This 4 piece Nativity will ad liveliness and joy to your Christmas display...
  • Kisii stone nativity Kenya

    Fair Trade

    Colorful Kenyan Nativity Fair Trade

    Lustrous kisii stone nativity set made in Kenya Africa. Hand-carved and hand-painted kisii, a soapstone native to Kenya, is first carved into the shape of the nativity figures. The nativity figures are then dyed with ink or paint and finished with a...
  • Corn husk nativity set.

    Fair Trade

    Corn Husk Nativity Fair Trade Colombia

    Nativity is carefully made from dried corn husks by artisans in Colombia. Imported through a fair trade organizations which pays a fair price for the work, allowing the people who make these nativity sets to improve their quality of life. Colombian corn...
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    Corn Husk Nativity Set - Fair Trade From Kenya

    Fair Trade

    Corn Husk Nativity Set - Fair Trade From Kenya

    Fair Trade - This unique nativity set is made out of cornhusks, fabric and yarn. Hand crafted by artisans in Kenya, this Nativity set includes 10 figures. Standing figures are approximately 5.5" H. $44.99 0030-CRN Please note: This unique nativity scene...
  • Cowboy Nativity Set Fair Trade Thailand

    Fair Trade

    Cowboy Nativity Set Fair Trade Thailand

    A bluegrass trio of Wisemen stand on the right side of this cowboy nativity set while a bandanna clad shepherd stands on the left. Mary and Joseph have their cowboy hats removed as they kneel admiring the infant Jesus. A new favorite Western nativity set...
  • Tiny Peruvian nativity Nativity from Peru

    Fair Trade

    Cuzco Petite Ceramic Nativity Peru

    Fair Trade - Ceramic nativity design reflecting the region of Cuzco, Peru includes 6 pieces - Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus and animals. The Holy Family wears traditional outfits from the Peruvian Andes in the Cuzco and Sacred Valley region near Machu Picchu...
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    Wooden Nativity Scene, Indonesia Fair Trade nativity, Indonesia

    Fair Trade

    Djawa Nativity Albizia Wood Indonesia

    Fair trade seven piece set Nativity crafted in Indonesia. Elongated Albizia wood figures feature a contemporary design and intricate hand-painted detailing in traditional patterns. Sustainable and lightweight, the wood is hand carved and sanded to a...
  • Fabric/straw Holy Family Fair Trade nativity Guatemala

    Fair Trade

    Fair Trade Nativity Scene from Guatemala

    Fair Trade - A simple nativity of fabric and straw reminds us of that first night that Jesus slept in the humble manger. Handcrafted in Guatemala.  The tallest figure stands approx. 6.5 inches high. Fabric colors may vary. This Nativity set...
  • Flour paste nativity Fair trade nativity Colombia

    Fair Trade

    Flour Paste Colombian Nativity Set

    Colombian nativity set is uniquely and colorfully made from corn flour and water. Each piece is shaped by hand to create this really special nativity set.  This 8 piece nativity comes in pink and purple tones and is fair trade imported from...
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    Folk Art Nativity Scene Triptych

    Folk Art Nativity Scene Triptych

    Now: $53.24
    Was: $70.99
    Gorgeous folk art nativity by Miami, Florida artist Flor Larios . This hinged triptych nativity features the Holy Family, Gloria Angle and Wisemen. Wooden nativity folk art triptych measures 19.5" W x 11.25" H.
  • Star nativity Peru Peruvian Fair Trade nativity

    Fair Trade

    Following the Star Nativity Scene

    Fair Trade - Peruvian Wise Men follow the star on their way to see the Holy Family. A fun variation on the nativity story. Shooting star scene is crafted of ceramic and measures 7.5"L x 3"W x 1.5"H. This Nativity set was acquired through a Fair Trade...
  • Nativity scene with animals. Nativity scene with animals.

    Forest Animals Nativity Scene : Pre-Order

    Rejoice! Rejoice! All creatures rejoice! This 9 piece forest nativity scene features a black bear family celebrating the joy of Christmas with a Christmas nativity pageant with many forest friends. Forest animals bearing gifts are raccoon with berries,...
  • Peruvian Christmas tapestry Nativity tapestry Peru

    Fair Trade

    Handwoven Wool Nativity Tapestry Fair Trade Peru

    Nativity tapestry made from sheep's wool is handwoven on a loom with cotton warp to create this unique nativity wall hanging. Richly colored and textured with a hanging sleeve on reverse for dowel (not included).  Nativity wall hanging measures...
  • Tiny Holy Family Peru

    Fair Trade

    Happy Little Nativity Holy Family Fair Trade Peru

    Fair Trade - You can't help but share a smile with this diminutive Holy Family. This terra-cotta figurine is hand painted with colorful clothing and smiling faces. Nativity measures 2.75" H x 2.25" W. This Nativity set was acquired through a Fair Trade...
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    Heart Shaped Nativity Scene Swivel Box

    G Debrekht

    Heart Shaped Nativity Scene Swivel Box

    Now: $37.49
    Was: $49.99
    This beautiful Nativity heart shaped swivel box features hand-painted detail in the classic Russian style and a manger representative of classic Russian folk architecture. Verse inside reads May peace and love always be in our hearts. Comes in a...
  • Henna Nativity Scene

    Unique nativity with beautiful designs, reminiscent of henna art. This nativity includes Holy Family, three Kings, Angel, Shepherd and animals. 13 nativity pieces in total! Our henna Nativity is crafted of resin and figures measure 1.25"-3.75" high...
  • Holy Family Nativity Scene Wooden Wall Plaque

    Holy Family Nativity Scene Wooden Wall Plaque

    Holy Family nativity scene wall plaque by the Joseph's Studio collection. Beautiful plaque of the Holy Family with angel for wall hanging. This Joseph's Studio nativity scene plaque measures 17"H x 13"W. Crafted of fiberboard. $39.50 31292  
  • Holy Family Soapstone Nativity Kenya

    Fair Trade

    Holy Family Soapstone Nativity Kenya

    Stylized sculpture is finely carved to a smooth finish from a single piece of soapstone, skillfully capturing the tranquil facial expressions and draped vestments of the Holy Family. Figurine measures 10"H x 4"W x 2"D. This Soapstone Nativity was...
  • Jesus is the Reason Mini Snowglobe Nativity

    Shake up your Christmas with this cute little water globe featuring the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary & Joseph tucked inside and the words "Jesus is the Reason" printed on the outside.  Waterglobe measures 3.25" high.       
  • Jesus is the Reason Nativity for Kids

    Jesus is the Reason Nativity for Kids

    Jesus is the Reason for the Season! This six piece plush Nativity scene is perfect for kids. Kids can touch and play with the Nativity figures and store them in the plush zipper bag. Bag has a stable appliqued and reads Jesus is the Reason for the Season...
  • Cardboard punchout nativity from Czech Republic

    Josef Lada Nativity from the Czech Republic

    From the Czech Republic comes this splendid, whimsical 16 piece Nativity scene in sturdy punch out cardboard. Bright colors and a happy tone mark this easy to assemble Nativity. The standing figures in this nativity are 3.5 inches tall. The stable...
  • Kitenge cloth nativity Uganda Fair trade nativity set Uganda

    Fair Trade

    Kitenge Cloth Nativity Set from Uganda

    Vibrant nativity set from Uganda is made from colorful kitenge fabric, bark cloth, wire, and papier-mâché. Each of these nativity sets features a different section of kitenge cloth so no two are exactly alike. Just a few are shown in the...
  • nativity scene house from Bangladesh Bangladesh nativity set

    Fair Trade

    Kutcha Bangladesh House Nativity

    Fair Trade - Three freestanding figures may be arranged within this small hand-carved nativity as you like. Design inspired by traditional Bangladesh motif. This style of Bangladesh home is a kutcha or mud home and this kutcha is made from terracotta...
  • Lake Titicaca nativity - Bolivia Fair Trade pottery nativity from Bolivia

    Fair Trade

    Lake Titicaca Nativity from Bolivia

    Fair Trade - This Andean nativity scene of Jesus' birth features a sight typically seen on Lake Titicaca: a fishing boat made of totora - Andean reeds. The side of the fishing boat reads Bolivia and the holy family and animals are nestled inside. From...
  • Legacy of Love Nativity Display

    Legacy of Love

    Legacy of Love Nativity Display

    Legacy of Love nativity scene by artist Kim Lawrence. The incredible detail continues on the back. An angel with out stretched arms gazes up at scripture from Isaiah 9:6 - For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given, and His name will be called...
  • Celtic village nativity Celtic village nativity scene

    Lighted Celtic Nativity Scene and Village

    Our Celtic nativity celebrates the birth of Jesus amid a lighted church, inn, and home. Celtic nativity scene features 10 nativity figures and lighted village Church, Inn and Home.  Celtic nativity figures measure 3 inches tall. Manger measures 6...
  • Log cabin ceramic nativity

    Fair Trade

    Log Cabin Nativity Set Fair Trade Peru

    A moose, a fox, and a log cabin stand with the holy family in this fair trade nativity set from Peru. Handmade in Peru from ceramic that is artfully sculpted and glazed. Nativity stands 3.5" high. This Log Cabin nativity scene was acquired through a...
  • Love Came Down Christmas Morn Nativity

    Little baby Jesus is swaddled atop of blocks that spell out LOVE came down on Christmas morn. A sweet reminder, small enough to sit on your desk or windowsill. Designed by Suzi Skoglund, made of resin and measures 4"H x 4.5"L. $10.99 158-10106
  • Joseph's Studio

    Madonna and Child Garden Statue Joseph's Studio 65974

    From Joseph's Studio comes this Madonna and Child garden statue. This kneeling Madonna with child nativity figurine measures 13.5" H x 10.25" W x 6.5" D. Crafted of resin and stone. 65974 The Joseph's Studio collection of fine statuary. Remarkable for...
  • Madonna and Child

    Joseph's Studio

    Madonna and Child Wall Plaque

    A classic Madonna and Child portrait displayed on a wooden wall plaque measuring 26 inches H x 20.25 inches W x 1.38 inches D. In the style of Renaissance artwork, this Madonna and Child portrait conveys a solemn grace.
  • Marble Nativity Scene Fair Trade Chile

    Fair Trade

    Marble Nativity Scene Fair Trade Chile

    A truly unique, fair trade nativity scene. This adorable Nativity scene is crafted out of covered marbles! Hand crafted by single mothers in Chile, this fair trade item provides valuable jobs and opportunities to a community in need. Marble Nativity...
  • Matchbox nativity set

    Fair Trade

    Matchbox Nativity Peru

    Fair Trade matchbox nativity - This tiny nativity fits inside of a matchbox! Perfect for stuffing stockings, or as a tiny reminder for you pocket. Matchbox Nativity measures 1.5" H x 2" D. This Nativity set was acquired through a Fair Trade organization...
  • Mazapan basket nativity Nativity from Ecuador

    Fair Trade

    Mazapan Basket Nativity Scene Ecuador

    Fair Trade. A bread basket made from mazapan (actual bread dough). In the folk art tradition of Ecuadorian artisans, the formation of bread dough figures has its origins in Roman Catholic and Indian traditions. This bread dough nativity is handcrafted...
  • Mazapan nativity Colombia Bread dough nativity set

    Fair Trade

    Mazapan Nativity Set from Colombia

    Mazapan is a bread dough used for making figures such as this Colombian nativity set. Mazapan is not to be confused with Marzapan, which is an almond paste. Each piece of the Mazapan nativity set is shaped by hand.  We just love the tranquil greens...
  • Mazapan nativity scene Fair Trade nativity Ecuador

    Fair Trade

    Miniature Mazapan Nativity from Ecuador - Fair Trade

    Tiny is the new big! This sweet little mazapan Nativity scene will not take up a lot of space on your mantle, but it just might in your heart. Mazapan (pronounced MAH-ze-pahn) is bread dough and is traditionally used in Ecuador by local artisans. This...