Unique Nativity Sets

Unique Nativity Sets

Our unique nativity scene collection offers a great choice of nativity scenes crafted in unique styles and from unique materials.

  • Bolivian pottery nativity - Fair Trade

    Fair Trade

    2" Mount Illimani Scene from Bolivia

    From the Aymara people, an indigenous nation in South America, this Andean nativity scene of Jesus represents the landscape of the mountain range of Mount Illimani. This nativity features indigenous figures Maria and Joseph in traditional clothing of...
  • Tilicho Nativity from Bolivia Bolivian Fair Trade nativity

    Fair Trade

    2.25" Tilicho Nativity Set Fair Trade from Bolivia

    Fair Trade - From the Aymara people, an indigenous nation in South America, this 11 piece nativity is made entirely by hand with great detail and precision. In the traditional Aymara nativity the kings take the child gifts such as potatoes, fruit, and a...
  • Vietnamese nativity set Crocheted nativity from Vietnam.

    Fair Trade

    2.5" Crocheted Nativity Set Vietnam

    Fair Trade - Cuddly soft nativity is delicately crocheted in Vietnam. Set of 8 figures hand crocheted for a unique nativity scene display. Tallest figure stands 2.5 inches tall.  Artisans: From Viet Nam, Mai Handcrafts was started by two social...
  • Red pottery nativity from Bolivia Fair Trade Tiwanaku nativity - Bolivia

    Fair Trade

    2.5" Tiwanaku Nativity Scene from Bolivia

    Fair Trade - This Andean nativity scene features the Holy Family and animals with a facade of a rural Bolivia church. Maria, an indigenous woman with her blanket and traditional skirt; Joseph, a peasant chulu and poncho traditional dress of this area;...
  • "Heart of the Family" nativity from Bolivia

    Fair Trade

    3" Chuyma Heart of the Family Nativity Fair Trade Bolivia

    Fair Trade - From the Aymara people, an indigenous nation in South America, this nativity signifies the heart of family love and the birth of Jesus. (Chuyma is a Aymara word which means a welcome from the heart.) This colorful ceramic Andean nativity...
  • Fair Trade nativity Peru

    Fair Trade

    3" Nepal Nativity Scene Fair Trade from Peru

    This charming Nepali nativity is molded and hand painted to reflect the culture of a distinct community.  Figures are affixed to base. Nativity measures 3.25"h x 3.125"w x 2.25"d. Handcrafted in Peru and made of ceramic. $15.99 72917 Artisans:...
  • Super Hero nativity Fun Peruvian nativity

    Fair Trade

    3" Super Hero Nativity Scene - Fair Trade from Peru

    Fair Trade from Peru - This hand made nativity is whimsical and charming. The comic book fan in your life will "marvel" at our super hero nativity scene. A great reminder of our true savior and a good nativity set for young people..  Figures are...
  • Aymara pottery nativity - Fair Trade Fair Trade nativity, pottery, Bolivia

    Fair Trade

    4" Aymara Nativity Set from Bolivia

    Fair Trade - From the Aymara people, an indigenous nation in South America, this colorful ceramic Andean nativity features the Holy Family clothed in a traditional Aguayo (multicolored woven blanket) with nativity animals. Figures stand approx. 4 inches...
  • Ceramic Holy Family nativity Peru Peruvian nativity

    Fair Trade

    6" Ceramic Holy Family Nativity from Peru

    Fair Trade - Warm colors and simple details give this two piece ceramic nativity a sweet sense of tender care. Hand made and painted in Peru. Joseph figure stands 6.25 inches tall. $35.99 72855 Artisan: Manos Amigas is a fair trade organization...
  • 6" Kisii Stone Holy Family Nativity - Kenya

    6" Kisii Stone Holy Family Nativity - Kenya

    Fair Trade - Nested Holy Family nativity figurine is crafted of Kisii stone and stained black. It measures approximately 6 inches high. Made in Kenya. $19.99 30063B Please note: This unique nativity is handmade in Africa. Actual product may vary...
  • 8" Palewa Stone Etched Nativity India

    Fair Trade

    8" Palewa Stone Etched Nativity India

    Fair Trade - A beautiful depiction of the Holy Family as loving parents and child. Skillfully hand carved and polished from a single piece of palewa stone, etched with fine detail. This fair trade palewa stone nativity from India measures 8"H x 4.25"W...
  • Serengeti Nativity African nativity set.

    Fair Trade

    African Nativity Scene Peru

    Fair Trade - This charming nativity is molded and hand painted to reflect the culture of a distinct African community. Made in Peru. Figures are affixed to base.This African nativity scene measures 2.25"H x 3.25"W x 2.25"D. This Nativity set was...
  • Alluvial clay nativity set.

    Fair Trade

    Alluvial Clay Nativity made by Shipibo tribe of Peru

    Alluvial clay used for this unique nativity set comes from the banks of the Ucayali river, a tributary of the Amazon. Most of the color pigments such as red, yellow, white and black used to decorate this nativity also occur naturally in the area...
  • Indonesian wooden Nativity Holy Family

    Fair Trade

    Alstonia Wood Nativity from Indonesia

    This fair trade wooden nativity is predominately white with a beautifully painted design. Made from sustainably harvested alstonia wood. Alstonia scholaris is a rapid growing evergreen tree native to Indonesia. Fair trade nativity from Indonesia measures...
  • Amazon Jungle nativity Amazon Jungle Nativity Set

    Fair Trade

    Amazon Jungle Nativity Set

    Fair Trade - This jungle themed ceramic nativity set has 6 pieces - Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus with cradle and 2 cute jungle witnesses. Made in Arequipa, Peru. Crafted of ceramic and measures 2.25"- 4.25". This nativity was acquired through the Fair Trade...
  • Amazon River Raft nativity

    Fair Trade

    Amazon Jungle River Raft Nativity

    Fair Trade - Amazonian themed nativity scene, with rain forest animals. The holy family is on a river raft and fish jump with delight out of the river. Christmas is celebrated around the world, and this nativity is a cheerful reminder that it's a small...
  • Amish Nativity Holy Family w Barn

    Amish Nativity Holy Family with a barn manger. Barn measures 6" high. Made of resin. Amish nativity ornament is designed by Esther O'Hara. We also offer a full thirteen piece Amish Nativity Scene by Esther O'Hara. The oldest and largest Amish...
  • Amish nativity set.

    Amish Nativity Ornament

    Amish nativity ornament featuring the Holy Family - the infant Jesus is covered with an Amish quilt. The Amish nativity ornament measures 2.25"L x 3.50"H. Made of resin. Amish nativity ornament is designed by Esther O'Hara. We also offer a full...
  • Amish Nativity Set : Pre-Order

    Amish Nativity Set : Pre-Order

    Our 13 piece Amish Nativity set includes nativity figures Holy Family, Three Wisemen, Angel, Shepherd, Donkey, Cow, Sheep and Stable. Stable measures 7.5" x 6.5". Amish nativity scene designed by Esther O'Hara. The oldest and largest Amish community is...
  • Andes Mountain nativity Nativity scene Andes Mountains

    Andes Mountain Nativity from Peru

    Fair Trade - Ceramic nativity reflecting the character of the Andes, includes Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus and animals. This 7 piece nativity measures 3 inches high. This item was acquired through the Fair Trade movement, which pays fair prices to the...
  • Peruvian village nativity scene Fair trade votice holder Peru

    Fair Trade

    Ayacuchan House Nativity Candle Holder

    Fair Trade - Quaint Peruvian votive nativity is a dwelling in the Ayacuchan highlands. Produced using traditional skills and motifs perfected by generations of artisans from Ayacucho. Ceramic nativity measures 7.25" H x 7.75" W. This Nativity set was...
  • Unique Peruvian nativity

    Fair Trade

    Ayacucho Unique Nativity from Peru

    Dressed in traditional Peruvian dress, this Fair Trade nativity scene represents the Holy Family in an especially unique style. Ayacucho is a town in Peru, famous for it's 35 churches - one for each year of Jesus' life. This nativity scene is made from...
  • Aymara Nativity Set Bolivia 11 pc pottery nativity - Bolivia

    Fair Trade

    Aymara Nativity Set Fair Trade Bolivia

    Fair Trade - From the Aymara people, an indigenous nation in South America, this 11 piece nativity is made entirely by hand with great detail and precision. This traditional Aymara nativity features Holy Family, three kings, angel, cow, llama, sheep and...
  • Balinese Nativity scene, Indonesia

    Fair Trade

    Balinese Nativity Set from Indonesia made from Alstonia Wood

    Dressed in Balinese style clothing, our Indonesian nativity set is serene and elegant. The Bali aesthetic of harmony with the environment shines through in this lovely nativity scene. This fair trade wooden nativity is hand carved and hand-painted in...
  • Fair Trade

    Banana Fiber Nativity Scene in Fiber Box

    The nativity has been interpreted in so many different ways throughout history. This rendition comes to us from rural Kenya, where banana palms provide a beautiful variegated natural fiber that Kenyan artisans sculpt into memorable holiday ornaments. Our...
  • Beaded mosaic nativity Beaded Mosaic Nativity Scene from Thailand

    Fair Trade

    Beaded Mosaic Nativity Scene from Thailand

    A beaded kaleidoscope is the background of this colorful mosaic nativity scene from Thailand. Nickel, copper, brass, and beads comprise this fair trade nativity from Thailand. There is no lead in the metals and only lead free solder is used...
  • Nativity scene India Fair trade small nativity

    Fair Trade

    Bengal Nativity Scene Fair Trade Peru

    Fair Trade - Indian themed nativity scene depicts the Holy Family in dress traditional to India. Instead of an ox and donkey, a Bengal tiger and an elephant are at the infant Jesus' cradle. Fair Trade nativity scene is made in Peru. Measures 2.75" H x 3...
  • Bronze Mother and Child African mother and child

    Fair Trade

    Bronze Madonna and Child Fair Trade from Burkina Faso

    Talented metal workers in Burkina Faso handcraft these beautiful sculptures using a lost wax casting method. Designed to stand on a flat surface, each sculpture features a a jubilant Madonna and Child.  This nativity measures approx. 5"H x 2...
  • Bronze nativity set Bronze creche

    Bronze Nativity Set

    The infant Jesus raises his hand in blessing as Mary and Joseph reverently present him to a kneeling angel in this gorgeous bronze nativity scene. Subtle shadings of greens and reds illuminate the details of this stunning nativity. Sculpted and...
  • Brushed Aluminum Nativity Scene Made in USA

    A beautiful, joyful nativity scene by artist Don Drumm. Crafted in North Carolina, USA from brushed aluminum, this nativity piece is free standing and measures 15"H x 14"W x 6"D. A great nativity piece to adorn your mantle, tabletop, or windowsill. Each...
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    Buri Sugar Palm Nativity Fair Trade nativity, Philippines

    Fair Trade

    Buri Sugar Palm Nativity - Fair Trade Philippines

    This Buri Sugar Palm Nativity set is hand made from one of the most self-regenerating / self-sustaining / ecologically friendly natural materials. And we love the footwear in this nativity set! Mary and Joseph are wearing sandals, the wisemen are wearing...
  • dog nativity set

    Canine Christmas Dog Nativity Set

    Dogs gather together to recreate the nativity scene - a canine Christmas nativity set! Seven dogs represent the holy family, wisemen, and shepherd. Figures are made from resin and approximately 3.5 inches tall. Please note: Our dog nativity set will be...
  • Una de Gato nativity.

    Fair Trade

    Cat's Claw Bark Tiny Nativity Fair Trade Ecudaor

    This miniature nativity scene is made from Cat's Claw Bark (Una de Gato) and coconut. The nativity scene figures are so tiny and well done, especially for their size, you have to see it in person to believe it. Please note: The costume colors for this...
  • Cat nativity set Cat nativity scene closeup

    Fair Trade

    Cats and Kittens Nativity Scene

    A kitten snuggled around the top of baby Jesus's head - it doesn't get much cuter than that!  Every cat lover will surely paws and reflect this Christmas season when they see the cats and kittens in this adorable this nativity scene. Handmade...
  • Celtic style nativity

    Celtic Nativity Scene

    The 2 inch scale Celtic Nativity figures are cast in resin as a replica of Celtic stone carvings found throughout Ireland. A truly unique Nativity set in the Celtic tradition. $16.00 69809 Made from resin. Measures 2.375"H .625"W 1.75"D.  See more...
  • Irish Celtic Nativity Celtic nativity set

    Celtic Nativity Set

    Early Christian monks used the Celtic stone carving style to illustrate bible stories. In this unique nativity set, the figures are made to resemble the rough hewn stone the Christian monks in Ireland may have used create their Celtic nativity. Made...
  • Guitar nativity Guitar nativity Peru

    Fair Trade

    Ceramic Guitar Nativity Fair Trade Peru

    Fair Trade - Peruvian artisans produce some of the most creative nativities. In this unique nativity, the holy family sits on a ceramic guitar, a scene that celebrates the season with a festive twist. Nativity measures 3.25"H x 1.75"W. Artisan Group:...
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    Ceramic Nativity Scene 12" Joseph's Studio 11 pc - 38901

    Joseph's Studio

    Ceramic Nativity Scene 12" Joseph's Studio 11 pc - 38901

    From Joseph's Studio comes the elegant Nativity cast in ceramics with full color palate. The tallest figure in this 11 piece set is 12 inches high. Set includes the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph), three Wisemen, Gloria angel, shepherd holding a...
  • Christmas Ocean nativity Christmas Ocean nativity Peru

    Fair Trade

    Christmas at the Ocean Nativity Peru

    Fair Trade - Christmas is celebrated all around the world, even in places that may never see snow. Imagine a Christmas on the beach with this unique nativity from Manos Amigas in Peru. Ocean nativity measures 3.5"L x 2.5"W x 2"H. $18.99 Artisan Group:...
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    Christmas Nativity Scene

    Christmas Nativity Scene

    Now: $18.74
    Was: $24.99
    This nativity display spells out Christmas and has the infant Jesus front and center at the beginning of the word. A delightful reminder to keep Christ in Christmas! Nativity is made of resin and measures approximately 10.5 inches wide x 1 1/4 ...